Council boundaries

    Boundaries explained

    The boundaries of the City of Sydney local government area (LGA) have shifted many times, increasingly since the mid-twentieth century. All of these changes have been decided by the NSW colonial or state governments of the time. Between 1842 – when the City of Sydney was first incorporated and its boundaries were established – and the present day, there have been eight major changes to those boundaries. The maps that comprise this series illustrate these changes, with minor exceptions.

    Omitted are some minor boundary adjustments of a few metres here and there, enacted to resolve local anomalies. Also omitted are areas within the City of Sydney LGA which have from time to time been removed from the City’s jurisdiction while remaining within the LGA boundaries. Special state government agencies have been created for these areas, to supersede local government functions and sometimes exercise additional special planning powers. These special areas include The Rocks (Sydney Cove Redevelopment Authority), Darling Harbour (Darling Harbour Authority), parts of Pyrmont (City West Authority), and parts of Redfern & Waterloo (Redfern Waterloo Authority). By 2009, most of these bodies had been absorbed into the Sydney Harbour Foreshores Authority (SHFA).

    For details of changes to ward boundaries over time, please consult the City of Sydney Archives online Assessment Books (1845-1948) database.