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City of Sydney – Detail Plans, 1855: Sheet 2

The 1855 City Detail Plans (and the similar City Section Survey Plans of 1833) are copies, drawn in the 1880s by draftsmen of the City Council, from the originals held by the NSW Department of Lands. The series consists of original drawings on paper which record survey details of Sydney in the 1850s. The drawings show the outline of all existing buildings, a colour coding scheme identifying the buildings as brick, iron, stone or wood. In addition wharves, high water marks, gas works, gratings, fences, gas lamps, fireplugs, water locks and water closets are identified. Notable buildings or interesting details have been added to some plans, including the buildings on Observatory Hill, the tank stream, banks and dancing rooms, the gold escort office, a bowling alley, and a “blind beggar” corner. Other buildings include the Prince of Wales Theatre, Sydney Female Refuge, the Benevolent Society, Lyceum and temporary wooden church on the site of the present Town Hall.