Single Map

City of Sydney (Sheilds), 1845: Single sheet 

In April 1843, the Council appointed a Committee to enquire into the paving, draining and cleansing of the City. Among their recommendations in a lengthy report was that a general survey of the City should be “minutely and accurately taken” in order to facilitate the reforming and repairing of streets and providing drainage for them. Assistant City Surveyor Frances Webb Sheilds’ subsequent survey of the City of Sydney was completed in February 1845. The plan covers the area within the City of Sydney boundaries. It shows streets, names of public places, and the locations and footprints of buildings. Prominent buildings are also named. A colour legend distinguishes public and private buildings, and the construction materials used. This item is a copy made in 1896-1897, with the original 1845 plan no longer extant.