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City of Sydney – Survey Plans, 1833: Section 41

The 1833 City Section Survey Plans (and the similar City Detail Plans of 1855) are copies, drawn in the 1880s by draftsmen of the City Council, from the originals held by the NSW Department of Lands. This series consists of linen plan drawings of the ‘city sections’ of Sydney lying within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Sewerage District, constituted under the Metropolitan Water & Sewerage Act 1880. This effectively comprised the area bounded by Port Jackson to the north, Darling Harbour to the west, Macquarie Street and Hyde Park to the east, and Liverpool Street to the south. Details shown are: street alignments and names; parcels of land with details of the size of each parcel; survey lines; names of owners; and often the nature of the grant or basis of ownership. On some sheets colour has been used to indicate buildings although no details of construction or use are shown. Significant geographical features, such as the freshwater pond adjacent to Darling Harbour just north of Goulburn Street, are also occasionally indicated. The scale of the plans is 2 inches to 1 chain, and the sections are numbered 1 to 94.