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Plans of Sydney (Doves), 1880: Map 1 – Blocks 1, 2, 3, 4

Dove’s Plans of Sydney were executed by licenced surveyor H. Percy Dove in 1879. The main focus of the survey was to provide an accurate physical description of the City’s buildings. Dove’s survey work was encouraged by City insurance companies, who used his plans for rating insurance risks – particularly fire. The plans cover the Sydney CBD area from Circular Quay and Millers Point in the north to the Haymarket in the south, Macquarie and Elizabeth Streets in the east, to Darling Harbour to the west. They provide complete wharf, street, and building plans showing street numbers, business names, ground floor plans, outhouses and rights of way. The number of storeys in a building is also provided and appears on each allotment as a circled number. When SH is added to this number it indicates a shingle roof, otherwise the roof is of slate or metal. The plans were prepared at a scale of 40 feet to the inch (1:480). Dove also utilised the standard colours to denote different materials: Pink for brick or stone, blue for iron, and yellow for wood.